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Free Meditations

Welcome to this free resource page on meditation!

These meditations are free to listen to streaming.  They were recorded as a series of meditation calls I did every Saturday for a number of weeks to help people come together to raise their vibration and radiate a higher vibration to the country and the world.  I purposefully kept the calls short, 20 minutes or less. Each recording has a bit of an intro before the meditation starts.

Many, but not all, are based on meditations that one of my teachers, Sanaya Roman did with her guide, Orin.  Sanaya and Orin’s books were part of my coach training reading requirements and I resonated completely with them.  The Peace meditation and the Violet Flame meditations are, I think, especially helpful for these times.

Peace Meditation:


Violet Flame Meditation (Sacred Transmuting Flame)


Making Wheels of Love Meditation


Christ Consciousness Meditation (This is not religious based.  It’s for everyone.)


Happiness Meditation


Being Your Higher Self Meditation


Creating with Light Meditation


Linking with the Universal Mind Meditation


Linking with the Higher Will Meditation


Raising Your Vibration Meditation


Calming Your Emotions Meditation


Allowing Your Higher Good Meditation


Manifesting Meditation

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