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Living Your Purpose

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Getting Clear on Your Purpose:  How to LOVE Monday Morning




Does this ring any bells with you?

  • You count down the days until your next weekend or vacation.
  • You feel trapped in a job that is sucking the life out of you that you do just to pay the bills
  • You feel guilty even considering doing something different with your life–after all, shouldn’t you feel glad to even have a job in this economy?
  • You’ve lost your focus, sense of direction and meaning in life.
  • You have an inner sense that life is about more than just earning a living.
  • Deep down you feel an inner urging to be connected with your passions and purpose and have more impact in the world.

How would living in harmony with your true calling make a difference to you?

This e-course is designed to help you gain crystal clarity on what lights you up–your purpose!  That calling deep within that says you were made for something–if you could just connect with what it is. You’ll get access to eight  pre-recorded webinars, handouts of activities with each class to help you tune into your life purpose, and downloads of audio meditations and processes you can use at any time to raise your vibration and become magnetic to your purpose and making it a reality.

Eight modules cover:

Module#1: Beginning Your Journey–  You’ll learn what Purpose is and the dimensions and importance of a vivid vision.  You’ll look at childhood influences and explore the values  that are important to you. And you’ll start identifying your passions and interests.

Module #2: Who Are You? In this module you’ll get in touch with your talents and skills as well as your personality preferences.  You’ll see how this understanding plays into your purpose and the environments that best suit who you are and what you prefer.

Module #3: Your Life as Your Guide–  Here you’ll explore important life changing experiences and see it on a timeline to look at patterns in your life and see how your life has been directing you to your purpose.  You’ll also look at how coincidences and synchronicities have been playing a part in guiding you to your purpose.

Module #4:  What Do You Believe?  This module will guide you into understanding what limiting beliefs you may be holding that prevent you from living your purpose, and how to eliminate them and replace them with empowering beliefs that support you and your purpose.

Module #5: Taking Back Your Power–(BONUS MODULE!) Here you’ll see how you give power away and how that stops you from living your purpose.  You’ll re-write the story of your life as the scriptwriter, director and star of your own movie!

Module #6: Clarifying Your Purpose– Here’s where you put it all together and come up with a one sentence Purpose Statement!

Module #7: Your Manifesto– In this class you’ll learn how to write your Manifesto–what you stand for and the Why of your purpose.  You’ll take the essence of your purpose and give it excitement and power to keep you moving forward!

Module #8: Expanding Your Vision:– In the last class you’ll create your vivid vision–your purpose story–in a three part energetic format.  You’ll discover how you can expand your idea of what you can be, do and have.

Here’s what living “on purpose” can do for you:

  • Create a renewed zest for life
  • Give you a sense of control over your own life
  • Keep you connected to what you are passionate about–what truly matters to you
  • You’ll feel alive, fulfilled and happy
  • You’ll experience better health and well-being
  • You’ll love knowing you are contributing to the world


Get started on your path to purpose today!

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